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What Is Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression

Life Between Lives (LBL) is a therapeutic approach with its origins being experience rather than theory based. LBL was developed by Dr Michael Newton in the 1970s when he accidentally discovered (through giving an unclear hypnotic direction) that the soul has a life separate to human incarnations. He then spent years researching the soul’s inter-life through case studies and mapped extensively what occurs after a soul leaves a body. He finally published his results in ‘Journey of Souls’ and then ‘Destiny of Souls’. Dr Newton developed a Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy approach that created techniques for therapists to regress clients through their inter-life, accessing key memories relevant to their current life. Through Dr Newton and others such as Dolores Cannon and Dr Brian Weiss, spiritual regression therapy has become more widespread and developed further. One of the interesting aspects of spiritual regression research is that there is consistency of inter-life experiences irrespective of differences based on age, gender, culture or religion. Furthermore, as spiritual regression becomes more widely available and comprehensively researched, there is a growing evidence base demonstrating LBL/Spiritual Regression as not only a powerful life tool but also a very positive therapeutic intervention.

Benefits Of A Life Between Lives Session

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You are likely to gain much from a life between lives session including but not limited to the following:

  • Improved sense of self/identity.
  • Greater sense of belonging and connectedness.
  • Compassion for self and others.
  • Resolution of past hurts through gaining spiritual insight.
  • Awareness of current life purpose.
  • Living life more to your soul rather than personal values.
  • A sense of love and contentment.
  • Greater awareness as to how to connect with your soul self and spirit supporters!

What To Expect From Your Life Between lives Session

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A Life Between Lives (LBL) therapy session is an incredibly profound experience as you explore your memories in the spirit realms before your current life. This allows you to gain insights about your soul’s journey and allows personal growth in your current life through the reconnection with your true self; your soul. Clients gain many insights through an LBL session such as:

  • Their soul’s development and activities/work carried out in the spirit realms.
  • What lessons they have been working on in past lives and the current life.
  • Who from their current life is in their soul group(s) and what are the relationship patterns and soul lessons between them.
  • Understanding about key current planned life experiences.
  • How it feels to be their soul self - their sense of belonging in the spirit realms, how they view themselves and others when their soul self and when connecting to others in the spirit realms.

I will begin your session by reviewing the spirit realm questions you prepared and your descriptions of your current key life characters (I will provide directions about what to bring before your session). I will then gently facilitate you into entering a deep level of trance and will then usually briefly explore your last past life. I then guide you through the significant events following you departing the body of your last life. This generally involves being greeted by significant others; energy cleansing and re-layering; spirit guide life review; meeting with significant soul groups and participation in activities; soul development review with “elders”; current life planning and joining with the baby in your mother’s womb. Time is also taken asking the elders relevant questions about your current life goals and progress as well as your pre-prepared spirit realm questions. A Life Between Lives Session usually lasts between 3 and 4 hours.

It is important that you are able to achieve a deep level of trance depth and therefore it is recommended that you have experienced a past life regression session previously. This should have been undertaking shortly before your life between lives session so that any emotional or energy clearance work is complete otherwise this could block you from reaching the depth of trance required. With an LBL a deeper level of trance depth is reached than with a regression session. Any blocks experienced occur when it is not in the client’s highest interest to access that information at that point in time as they will still be working on that lesson in their life. It is for these reasons that an LBL session is not recommended for children or clients currently experiencing highly stressful issues in their lives.

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