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About Regression Therapy

Past Life Regression Therapy works on the premise that often current life difficulties are a repeating pattern that the client has had in many past lives. When in the spirit realms the soul will work with their spirit guide, soul group and elders to identify key soul lessons they would like to learn. It is then through human life experiences that the person and then later their soul has the opportunity to gain an understanding of their soul lesson/s. The current life challenge is then a key soul lesson that has then been re-triggered in the current life and can present in many different ways such as a physical, emotional or relationship issues. Only once the soul has mastered the lesson will either the issues not negatively impact on the client or cease to repeat. Past Life Regression Therapy is an effective healing approach due to a number of factors but mainly as it allows the client to access their soul perspective of their life issues. The therapy can enable the client to gain understanding about their past or current experiences and promotes the opportunity for them to resolve the issue through their understanding and resultant changes to their attitude, beliefs or behaviours. It is a client focused therapeutic approach, with no analysis or judgement coming from the therapist, everything comes from the client with the therapist simply guiding the therapy process. Most issues will respond well with often a resolving of the issue between 3 to 4 sessions, with immediate benefits usually experienced after the first session. Past Life Regression Therapy is the perfect “soulution” for issues affecting the mind and body!

Who Can Benefit From Regression Therapy

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  • Relationship Issues
  • Intrusive emotional or feeling states (fear; sadness; guilt; loneliness; anger; regret)
  • Anxiety (panic attacks - specific fears such as flying, enclosed spaces and avoidance behaviours impacting on relationships, work and other areas of life)
  • Identity issues (low self-esteem and confidence)
  • Intrusive and obsessive thoughts (suicidal thoughts; obsessions; nightmares)
  • Traumatic experiences (psychological and physical abuse in childhood and adulthood; singular traumatic event and post-traumatic stress reaction)
  • Unexplainable physical symptoms (aches; pains; recurring ill health)
  • Behavioural issues (poor sleep; aggression; self-harm)

You don’t have to believe in past lives, the spirit realms or soul lessons for the therapy to be effective. All you need is an openness to experience what you experience in a session!


  • Pregnant women
  • People with heart problems or epileptic fit risks
  • Those using recreational drugs or medications with high dose levels as can cause concentration and memory retention difficulties
  • People who are experiencing an acute stage of illness or struggle to think clearly
  • Children without parental consent

How Healing The Past Can Gently Go Beyond

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Past Life Regression therapy can allow clients to explore issues that feel too threatening to address in mainstream psychotherapy. One of the beauties of the approach is that it can allow the client to gain some detachment from the issue through exploring how they experienced it in their past lives. Through addressing the issue in past lives a large amount of the energy clearance needed to resolve the issue is completed which can then allow the client to feel safe in addressing the current life experiences.

Your first session starts with a detailed discussion around the issue where links will be made around the issue and current life experiences as well as other areas this is impacting on in your life. I have found that as sessions progress, clients are amazed at how the experiences identified through the regression link to these. Due to how multi-layered the issues are, the therapy will often impact on and help gain resolution to all of these. A typical hypothetical example to demonstrate this is as follows:

  • Male client comes to therapy to address fear of public speaking.
  • They have experienced the fear for a number of years but it has worsened since a male colleague jokingly challenged him in a meeting 2 years ago.
  • The fear has now worsened to the extent that the client does not have confidence to speak out in work.
  • This is impacting on his self-esteem as he does not believe that he has the right to be listened to.
  • When in work and at home he has intrusive thoughts about what people think about him which impacts further on his self-esteem.
  • When he has a meeting coming up where he will need to present, he finds himself often experiencing sore throats and will phone in sick. Otherwise he experiences panic attacks before the meeting and feels he has poor performance during the meetingas as he often rushes what he presents.
  • Past Life Regression might explore lives where the client was persecuted by a male “magistrate” for being a witch (female in that life) and they were not listened to when they tried to tell people that they were not a witch. Another past life might find the person was a French Noble who was killed by guillotine in the French Revolution.
  • A direction to explore a life where the client more positively managed the issue might result in the client detailing themselves as a female suffragette confidently speaking to mainly men about women’s rights.
  • When directed to a current life memory, the client might recall that when they were a child at school they were humiliated by a male teacher who said something resulting in the whole class laughing at him because the teacher pulled him up for talking when he shouldn’t have been.
  • The main persecutor in both of the traumatic past lives might be the teacher from the current life.

This is a simplified hypothetical case but typical of the kinds of multi-layered issues that come up in therapy. Due to how multi-layered issues are, past life regression therapy will often have positive impacts on many areas of your life. In this simplified case for example, the therapy would help to resolve not only the primary presenting issue of “fear of public speaking” but would also support resolution of the other impacts: low self-esteem and confidence; recurring anxiety; recurring throat issue and; poor communication and relationships (particularly with men or if the "persecutor" was currently in the life, with them).


Past Life Regression Therapy involves using a range of techniques to support the client into entering a trance level where they are able to access memories/experiences related to the issue they are addressing. I guide the client through the life and then into the spirit realms following the past life exploration and will use a range of techniques to help resolve the issue as it was experienced in the past life. Sessions involve exploration about the past life and current life issue in the spirit realms and techniques to allow the client to translate the understanding gained to current life experiences and the future. The sessions can include a range of techniques such as: gestalt therapy, body therapy utilising psychodrama, cognitive re-framing, positive resource anchoring, energy clearance, energy healing and inner child healing.

There has been some negative publicity around hypnotherapy and regression therapy due to concerns about false memory syndrome or unethical workers. You can be assured that I have years of counselling experience behind me with a broad experience of working with trauma. Furthermore, I am aware of the importance of not leading or making suggestions to clients that could result in these kinds of experiences. I work to a code of ethics as both a social worker and regression therapist. I make sure the sessions are recorded and keep copies of these and have comprehensive insurance. Please do not hesitate to discuss this issue with me if it is a concern for you.

How Will You Experience A Past Life Regression Session

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Everyone will experience a past life regression session differently with some people being able to access a deep level of trance where the experiences are very life like and clear, with others experiencing things more fleetingly. It is often useful if you have past experiences of directed hypnosis or meditation so as to be able to more easily access trance. However, I have worked with clients with limited experience who have had some incredibly clear and deep sessions. You will be aware at all times that you are in the room whilst also being aware of and experiencing the past. We experience regression through the 6 senses, often you will experience some combination of the senses but not necessarily all of these:

  • Visual
  • Intuition (a strong sense or knowing)
  • Hearing
  • Touch (physical feelings)
  • Smell
  • Taste

It is important for you to go with how you experience the memory and not question it as any analysis can occur after the session. Think of it as watching a movie, most of us don't keep pressing pause to ask questions about what is happening or find ourselves questioning the reality of the movie as this would take away from our absortion in the movie and enjoyment. The same is true for regression, the more we allow our conscious mind to interfere then the less we experience. The sessions require you to access a relaxed but highly focused state and to let go of conscious mind interference.

I will work with your strengths in how you experience hypnotic trance to support you in gaining the most out of the experience. I will support you to access a deep level of trance by ensuring you feel comfortable and safe. I will do this by firstly answering your questions and explaining the process to you before we start. Whilst you are in a deep trance during the session, you will still be fully aware that you are in a room with me and why you are there. If at any time you felt uncomfortable with what was happening in a memory, and wanted to come out of trance, you would be able to do this automatically. I will also observe your emotional state during the session and will bring you to a level to talk to your conscious mind if I feel that there is a need to do this and will then discuss how you would like to continue the session. However, most people find regression to be a profound experience and want to continue exploring the memories.

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