Although I get immediate feedback through being alongside the client as they go through the session and from our discussion afterwards; it is always very confirming for me and awe inspiring when I receive feedback as to the effectiveness and impacts of these therapeutic techniques!

Past Life Regression Therapy Feedback

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I went to see Jenean because my anxiety was beginning to control my life, it was becoming overwhelming and I was having Panic Attacks. I had been to a Psychologist and Counsellor but nothing seemed to change the way I felt. The past life regression therapy was an amazing experience and after my sessions with Jenean I now feel more in control and definitely less anxious. Jenean is very approachable, caring and patient. I would definitely recommend past life therapy with Jenean I can't thank her enough for helping me through my anxiety issues.
Emma, Canningvale

I knew very little about past life regression or life between lives. I found my sessions to be a very positive experience and would recommend it. It is also very interesting. Despite my initial anxieties I was very much put at ease as the process was explained to me. Nea has a very pleasant and approachable manner so I found it easy to relax. Unfortunately I have never had any other form of therapy (probably should have had lol) so do not have anything to compare it to. I did however, notice a remarkable difference. I have become more confident and my anxiety has reduced considerably. Following my sessions I felt very relaxed, more than I have in a long time, and found it helped me to sleep better. I would certainly recommend past life regression and life between lives to anyone. Thanks for all your help Jenean.
Stacey, Singleton

The session has worked great for me in so much that I no longer have breathing difficulties at night. When I wake in the night now and am conscious of my breathing I no longer have any panic or shortness of breath. Can't thank you enough! I am very interested in going forward with further session...Really, thank you for your help.
Frank, Perth

I would recommend past life regression to anyone who is exploring a contemporary therapy. It is a unique experience that is hard to put down in words, you need to experience it. I have noticed huge amount of changes for the best. My husband has noticed the improvements and commented how relaxed and calm I handle situations and challenges. As a resultmy quality of life has improved and I am loving it! I am pleased with all of Jenean's therapy, most importantly the relaxation therapy is a MUST. I had sessions at her clinic and it was a lovely environment, it was comfortable and homely. Jenean is so patient and hardly rushes a session. She cares for her clients and supports them. I certainly will encourage all my friends. It is one of the best things that has happened in my life!
Vani, Baldivis

Life Between Lives Spritual Regression Feedback

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This was my first LBL ever, although I have had experience with PLR, LBL is such a different experience. I did have expectations about visiting the afterlife, as I read a very beautiful book ‘Testimonies of Light’ many years back. My experience was nothing like it. As you are guided through the process, you are going on a journey to meet who you are, when you are a light body. The realms of light are so loving and non-judgemental that you wonder why do you ever leave?It was very revealing how the afterlife is very much connected to ones current life. Your essence is basically the same and even what you are striving for. Just much more effortless and enjoyable. I found it fascinating that when you meet the elders how they are actually giving you such precise and meaningful answers to your questions. And though they are speaking through you, the energy is definitively different to your own, so much more powerful. Jenean is a very thorough and experienced therapist. She is non-judgemental and flows with your story. I found that very re-assuring, as there are many therapists out there, who are imposing their views on you. I feel very safe and cared for by Jenean. LBL is a once in a life time experience and I recommend it to anyone, who would really would like to gain deep insides in their current life situation, and life overview.
Nadja, Tasmania

It's hard to put into words what the Past Life Regression and Life Between Lives experiences are like! Thought-provoking, incredible, powerful, comforting, intriguing, moving...my list would be endless. Jenean creates a trusting and welcoming environment for you to feel at ease when engaging in these life-changing experiences. If you've wondered about PLR but not yet ventured forward, I urge you to do so under Jenean's careful and professional guidance.
Kate, Golden Bay

Counselling and Hypnotherapy Feedback

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Before embarking on this journey I had no real expectations of hypnotherapy so I just went in with an open mind. Having said this I was really surprised about the effectiveness of the first session and how immediate the change was. Therefore I would rate it's effectiveness very highly in comparison to, other therapies. I sought out hypnotherapy having developed anxiety related to being a passenger in a car. My anxiety was negatively impacting on my family and lifestyle. I would be tearful and distressed during longer car journeys. Since completing the therapy I have been able to travel as a passenger in a car with no anxiety at all. This change was immediate. I was genuinely surprised at the difference the therapy made. The journey home from the first session of hypnotherapy was amazing as I was incredibly relaxed. I found Jenean to be extremely understanding and felt really confident in her calm manner. The therapy environment too was really comfortable. The whole process was really relaxing and enjoyable. I would recommend hypnotherapy with Jenean and am really grateful to her for her input as it has made such a positive impact.
Maz, Woodvale

After suffering from anxiety problems for way too many years to which one of the symptoms was not being able to go for long walks which I used to enjoy - due to be needing to be close by to toilets to continue - Jenean offered me her wonderful Hypnotherapy Sessions to which I attended 3 of them. What a amazing experience. Being a person who has a very busy work, home and social life, I never thought I'd be able to relax - how wrong I was! I cant rave enough on how much difference these sessions made and helped me with my problems. Even after the first session I felt a huge difference, my anxiety lessened so much so that I was again able to enjoy the things in life that I had previously cut short. I came out feeling so much more relaxed and calmer. By the third session I was a different person. I have told so many of my friends and colleagues about my Hypnotherapy Sessions with Jenean would truly recommend them to anyone that suffers from anxiety as I did. I cannot thank her enough.
Vicky, Secret Harbour

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